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Battlefield 2 System Requirements

Battlefield 2 Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz
  • OS: Win 2000
  • Graphics: GeForce 9100
  • DirectX: DX 9
  • Hard Drive: 2.3 GB

Battlefield 2 is a Single-player and Multiplayer First-person Shooter video game developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by EA Games for PC. The game serves as the third release in the series of Battlefield, and the game sees the player fighting against enemies in the modern battlefield using the advanced weapon systems. During the gameplay, the player will experience the unique blend of strategy and first-person perspective with tactical shooter elements. The game features the Single-player missions that introduce the clashes between the United States Marines, China, and the Middle Eastern Coalition. However, the multiplayer assets of the game enable the player to organize into teams that come under the leadership of a commander to promote teamwork. So, the story continues from the early 21st century during the fictional land between different blocs such as the European Union, China, and the Middle East. This title serves as the sequel to Battlefield Vietnam and comes with several modifications to the popular gameplay of the original release. However, many of these new gameplay assets were included in the game with collaboration and teamwork in mind.

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